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How to Order


Only the text that is yellow below is required to place an order:

  1. When you click on "Check Out", you will go to a Customer Information page. 
  2. Returning Customer Login:   You can skip this part, but if you are a returning customer,  you can type in your email address and a password you chose previously to save you time - you won't have to fill out the billing or shipping information.  This information, is not required to place an order!  It is solely to save you time!
  3. Forgot your password?  If you forgot your password, you can click on "forgot your password?" and your password will be emailed to you.
  4. Change Login/ Password:  If you want to change your password, you can click on Change Login/password and make the desired change.
  5. Fill out Billing information.  All text boxes with an * must be filled in to process the order.
  6. Fill out Shipping information if different from billing information.
  7. Click on yellow "Clear shipping fields" button  IF YOU MADE AN ERROR on your shipping address.
  8. Shipping information:  Select shipping method from the drop down list box.
    • Regular shipping
    • Premium Shipping
  9. Select payment method from the drop down list box.
    • credit card
    • phone/fax
  10. Special Instructions:  Write any special instructions such as additional "unbuttoned" items you would like to order or special shipping requests.  
  11. New Customers; Choose Password:  New customers, you have the option to choose a password so that the next time you place an order, you won't have to type in all your billing and shipping information.  It will be filled in for you.
    • Password: Type in your password of choice in Password
    • Password Confirmation:  Type in your password again in Password confirmation to make sure we have the 

    proper spelling.

  12. Click "continue checkout"  to verify charges and enter payment information.
  13. Verify your order.
  14. Card type:  Choose Visa, Discover, Master card or American Express  from the drop down list box.
  15. Type in the name as it appears on card
  16. Type in the card number
  17. Choose Expiration Date
  18. Click Checkout 
  19. You will get a page that says "Thank you for your Order. Following is a summary of the transaction. Please print it out to keep as a receipt of your transaction."
  20. Your order is complete.