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How to Order

Welcome to Universal Art Gallery's Custom Framing!

We carefully pick every limited edition, signed and numbered or open edition print with mats and frames that will complement each picture.  We can offer several choices of frames: cherry, oak, walnut, black, cream, simple gold or ornate gold.  We also offer the metal Neilsen frame line in gold, silver, black and white.

Hundreds of mouldings are available, but for practical purposes, we have chosen the most popular styles.  Matting is available in a multitude of colors, offering your choice of paper mats or museum quality acid-free mats.

We will use our many years of experience to help you choose the right colors and styles to complement your work of art.

Below is a listing of frame style choices and a description of each.

Putnam Moulding Numbers
Style Number Description Width
1171 Walnut 1 1/2"
1172 Cherry 1 1/2"
1174 Embossed Cherry, Gold Bead 1 3/8"
1175 Embossed Walnut 1 3/8"
261 Cherry 1 1/4"
262 Walnut 1 1/4"
2703 Black 1"
4202 Oak 1 3/8"
4203 Cream 1 3/8"
27939 Gold 1 1/2"
6856 Antique Gold 1 1/4"