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Art Gallery Worldwide Description: Artwork in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.

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Scotland Art.com - Contemporary sculpture, designer jewelery and British Art for sale representing over 150 artists in the UK.

Duggan Photo - Your source for all occasion photo greeting cards & fine art photography

 A Love for Art ~ Fine Art Originals! - An Original Fine Art Gallery, Artist ~ Joni Solis

YourArtLinks.com, the largest Categorized Art Link Directory in the world.

Page Abramova - Page Abramova Interests specializes in bringing the
finest quality Russian Art and Fabrics to the United States.  Many of
our artists are established and well known in Russia, but have not yet been discovered by the West, offering a unique value.

Doubletake Art Gallery  

The Artist's Village Smhdr1.gif (4768 bytes) 

SJL Images SJL Images & Galleries

ART XL Galleries

The Internet Art Database

Art Smart 

Russian Painting Collectors Club-Russian Oil Paintings of 1930's-1990's. Selected works from private collections.

APRIL GROUP Fine Arts Unknown Socrealism: quests and discoveries. 20th Century Russian ART of the SOVIET ERA from private collections.

Nick Santoleri

Utigard - contemporary artist who works primarily in watercolor.

All About Van Gogh - A website that is alll about Van Gogh

All About Johannes Vermeer Art (1632-1675)

Toucan Art - Oil paintings and frames wholesale

Exstream - Free Streaming 3d Characters that talk, sing and act

Van Gogh Art - All about Vincent Van Gogh

Johannes Vermeer Art - All about Johannes Vermeer